Pete Kowalczyk studies and considers how language influences the way people move through an experience. He uses language as a material for design. 

After graduating in Physics with honours at the University of Manchester in 2005, he worked in journalism and research, contributing to CNN, Dazed, Vice, the Nikkei, S&P Global and others, before joining GOV.UK in 2014 where he learned the craft of content design.

While at GOV.UK he spent one year working closely with the UK’s Behavioural Insights Team learning the principles of behavioural economics, took online courses on ‘Designing for Humans’ and ‘UX Design’ at the University of Michigan, and went on to study poetry at Goldsmiths, University of London.

So far, he’s led content design for projects at BBC, Bulb, Cinch, Deliveroo, NHS, Co-op, GOV.UK and Barnardo’s — using content to imagine new experiences, simplify existing ones, create narratives that teams can get behind, and open up cross-discipline collaboration.

He’s also written for the Guardian and the European Review of Books among others. In 2023 he was shortlisted for the Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize.

He lives in London.

Portfolio shared privately. 

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